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2018 was an incredible year, full of goals and satisfactions. One of the most beautiful achievements was certainly become ambassador Haida, a company dedicated to photographic filters! From my point of view one of the best! Thanks to Haida I had the opportunity to be among the first photographers to try a new system called M10! A simple, innovative and above all quality system, ready to transform the life of a landscape photographer for the better!​​​​​​​
In the package I received there was the M10 kit with eco-leather case included. The basic kit for Haida ND M10 filter holders includes:
 -The adapter ring that should be mounted on the lens. The size of the ring is suitable for different lens diameters (from 52 mm to 82 mm). For example my adapter ring is 82 mm taken for my tamron 24/70 
-Light protection or Drop-in circular filter (dedicated exclusively to this system) that you can insert in the space between the adapter ring and the support. 
-The filter that can be ND (0.9, 1.8, 3.0, 4.5), GND (0.9, 1.2), CPL, Clear Night or ND + CPL (0.9, 1.8).In this case I received a CPL and an ND 1000 
-The portafilter in which the plate filters can be inserted 
The assembly is very simple, it will not be enough (1) to screw the adapter ring to the lens, (2) insert the holder on it by pulling the red lever and finally (3) introduce our drop-in filter holding the two red keys.​​​​​​​
Inserting or changing filters has never been so quick and easy! And I had the demonstration directly on the field during a blizzard, when the weather is gold! Without then thinking about the extreme lightness of this system.​​​​​​​

Scattata con M10 Haida ND1000

As for the drop-in circular filters, I had the opportunity to try the CLP and ND1000 and they did not disappoint me, they do their job without problems or dominants of any kind.I believe this system is simply the FUTURE! 
Below is a video on the assembly of this new system.

M10 Haida Filter

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